Contemporary Voice Training

For singers who want to train their voice at home or for singers who want a collection of exercises to warm up and strengthen the voice.

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    Contemporary Voice Training is now also available on the iTunes store.


    Breathing and Support:
    1 Building breath capacity.
    2 Recoil breath training.
    3 Building air pressure.
    16 Octave lead melodies.
    17 Major harmonies.
    18 Minor harmonies.
    19 Minor harmonies 2.
    Warm-ups and Scales:
    4 Noising on a vowel.
    5 Three-note scale.
    6 Minor scale.
    7 Major scale.
    8 Pentatonic riff.
    Song-based and Improvisation Exercises:
    20 Dance exercise.
    21 Swing / Blues exercise.
    22 Swing / Blues backing track.
    23 Rock / pop exercise. 24 Soul / Funk licks.
    Training Exercises:
    9 Long notes.
    10 Two-phrase major scale.
    11 Alternating vowels.
    12 7th Arpeggios - Female optimised.
    13 7th Arpeggios - Male optimised.
    14 Lower tone training. 15 Dynamics and projection - Soft to loud.
    25 Soul / Funk licks backing track.
    26 Soul / Funk licks - key change.
    27 Blues / Rock exercise.


    Warming up versus vocal training:

    Warming up should be very simple. It is basically brushing up on technique. We don't need to spend very long doing a warm-up, infact many singers suffer from over-warming up when they are too keen.

    The tracks on this CD are not so much for warming-up but more for vocal training. They will help develop many areas of your vocal technique when used correctly. The voice tends to react differently to many things. One day can be very different to the next and by training the voice you will develop your intuition in knowing what to do to correct a vocal problem!

    Build your vocal stamina with a consistent routine:

    Singing costs energy! Thats why its harder to sing when you're tired, but if you can build up stamina and understand what you need / when you need it, you'll be able to manage your energy and sing efficiently any time you like.

    Exercises to grow your range.

    Most singers have a larger range than they think, so lets get exploring them! These exercises have been optimised for male or female ranges. When using them, work slowly, avoid constrictions and see how your effort changes as you go through the exercises. Increasing range is as simple as stretching your vocal cords like rubber bands. To do this, try raising your larynx as you go higher.

    Exercises to boost your volume.

    Singing loud is as healthy as singing quietly if we do it correctly! All singers have wide dynamic ranges and we shouldn't be afraid to use them. But theres always a bit of technique involved. If you're afraid of going loud because it may hurt, don't worry, stick to the rules and you can increase your volume.

    Exercises to gain speed and tuning.

    A CD can't help you sing in tune but we can help you speed up your reflexes with a few simple pointers. If you want to develop riffs and licks, try these exercises at different speeds.

    Song-based and improvisation exercises.

    Some of the final tracks are song-based exercises that work around a chord structure in various keys, so that you can train your voice in the context of a song's structure. Some tracks also give you the freedom to improvise over the backing track without a guide vocal.

    Improvisation can be trained, but you've got to keep doing it regularly and always try out something new with no fear!

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