Commercial songwriting includes any songs you are selling, to pitch to the music industry or sync with advertising, film and TV. We are here to help you get a product that can compete in the industry. After recording, our publishing and industry contacts can help you get your material out.

For personal songs and creative writing, you can join our Monthly Songwriters Circle for critique and collaboration, our group workshops & one-to-one coaching to develop your writing skills or book recording and production sessions to finish your songs.

Songwriters Circle

We hold a monthly songwriters support group at the studio for just £2, held by Jason Lee MInce. Please visit the group's facebook page to find the next dates and book your place.

Publishing for Songwriters

Our publisher and co-writer, Frank Blades is on hand to help you take your songs further than just the recording studio. Email us to discuss your material.

Songwriting Courses, Workshops and One to One Coaching

One-to-one songwriting coaching is available for all levels of songwriter if you are looking for intense, personalised mentoring or tuition with your writing.
You may want to learn how to write commercial songs, learn new methods or establish some rules to follow in order to consistently achieve a great standard of writing.
Depending on your requirements, we can focus more on the lyrics, the music, your recording and production or help you with playing your instrument and your singing technique if required.
To book, please simply contact us.

Our following courses are available for beginners or established songwriters when you want a wide overview of songwriting techniques for both lyrics and composition. Both courses offer basic demo recording with the option of full production in our additional follow-up course.

The Craft of Songwriting:

14th November 2015, 10am to 5pm.
£50 per person (in advance) or £53 by Paypal (inc. fees)
  • An intensive 1-day workshop on the theory of crafting your ideas into great songwriting.
  • We explore different methods for finding the right words, finding the right tune or chords and working out your rhythm.
  • Morning: Spent on lyric writing
  • Afternoon: Spent on tune writing, with accompaniment and demo recording
  • Piano or guitar accompaniment available
  • No experience necessary.
  • Songwriting from scratch:

    28th November 2015, 10am to 5pm.
    £50 per person (in advance) or £53 by Paypal (inc. fees)
  • For first time songwriters or existing writers who want a new start, new ideas, or a change of direction.
  • We aim to complete a song (or first draft of a song) from one of our starting points:
  • 1) Start with the lyrics
    2) Start with the chords
    3) Start with the melody
  • We will put pen to paper and write a concept then take the appropriate steps to go from blank page to recorded song in one day.
  • Piano or guitar accompaniment available
  • No experience necessary.
  • Follow up course:

    Date TBA between group members. 10am to 5pm.
    £50 per person (in advance) or £53 by Paypal (inc. fees)
  • Record your songs that you have written on either of our courses in one day with live musicians and full production.
  • You can sing your song or direct our session singers.
  • Previous courses:

    The following videos were filmed at some of our previous courses in 2011 and 2013.

    Artist Studios

    In the Heart of Bristol, based in Stokes Croft cultural quarter
    Singing Concert


    Voice coaching. Advice and information. Beginners to professionals. All aspects of the voice. Singers and speech professionals. Recording. Performance. Technique. Prepare for auditions. Build your confidence, knowledge and singing experience.

    Recording and Production


    Wide range of equipment, instruments, session musicians and singers. All styles. Flexible times. Creative recording methods. Top quality production and a wealth of experience. Tell us about your project and we can fit your needs.

    Songwriting Tuition


    We can help you with your writing from conception to release. Coaching for lyrics and music, collaboration and production for your creative / personal writing or for the industry and use our publishing contacts for the next step.