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Artist Studios Showcase

@ The Louisiana, Bristol. Thurs 27th March, 7.30pm. £6/£5adv

We've put together a great set of our singers and musicians performing acoustically and with our live band at one of Bristol's top live music venues! We have a line up of original songs and covers in rock, jazz, soul, pop and blues.

Click here for our Facebook event page with more details.

Tickets are £6 / £5 in advance. You can buy them from the Louisiana or from us at the studio.

If you wanted to perform at the showcase but missed the deadline, no worries! We'll be booking the next one very soon! Let us know now if you'd like to get involved in the future.


Design your own sound:

These days, singers are capable of using far more sounds than ever before so we need to train good technique to sustain these sounds and produce them safely.

When training your voice at Artist Studios, our teachers firstly ask what sound you want. We have techniques for all styles and we can help you get the sound you want in a healthy way.

We don't believe the teachers taste has anything to do with training your singing. You are the artist and you can design your own sound.

To teach you this way, we have built up a wide understanding of how the voice works in terms of anatomy and physiology and are always researching further. We adapt to you and teach you in a way that suits your learning types so that any technique we give you should have the desired result immediately.

Click here for more information on one to one sessions with Ben Woodward.

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Recording Studio:

Sampling the sounds of music is the most important thing. Once you've got the best quality raw signal you can do anything with it!

That doesn't just take the best mic or a decent pre-amp, it takes a bit of working with the music to find out how the sounds mix together. It may depend on the style, the feel and the impression you want to give. It depens on the performance and the room you're in. It depends on the singer, the musicians and what you want to do with the recording when its done.

With a combination of technical knowledge, experience and some experimentation, each sound can be found and mixed together to present your music in its best light.

Recording vocals is the most important thing for songs. Whether its you or one of our session singers it will probably only take a few takes to get it right. The environment, the monitor mix and the mood needs to be set for the singer and professional tuition is on demand if and when you need it.

Writing, composing, mixing, production and mastering are all part of the process to get great songs.

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“Your vocal coach is amazing! He has enabled you to do so much in a very short space of time!” – A comment from producer Louis to our client Sairah
“I’ve learned more in one lesson with you than ever with my teacher at school!” – Anna
“Very pleasant recording experience. You sure know your stuff. Would certainly recomend to any one with an interest in music.” – Will
“100% happy with the way Ben guided, and helped me through the steps of recording vocals to my tracks. I truly recommend the Recording studio, and their services to all singer / songwriters.” – Mark




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